Python Workbook - 03 - Bottle Deposits

Bottle Deposits

Level: Easy


In many jurisdictions a small deposit is added to drink containers to encourage people to recycle them. In one particular jurisdiction, drink containers holding one liter or less have a $0.10 deposit, and drink containers holding more than one liter have a $0.25 deposit. Write a program that reads the number of containers of each size from the user. Your program should continue by computing and displaying the refund that will be received for returning those containers. Format the output so that it includes a dollar sign and always displays exactly two decimal places.


# Compute the refund amount for a collection of bottles.


# Read input from the user

less = int(input("How many containers 1 litre or less do you have? "))
more = int(input("How many containers more than 1 litre do you have? "))

# Compute the refund amount

refund =  less * LESS_DEPOSIT + more*MORE_DEPOSIT

# Display the result

print("Your total refund will be $%.2f. " %refund)
Written on January 5, 2018